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Meet the Members of the DWA




Adrian Mobilia is a fourth generation grape grower from North East, Pennsylvania. He spent his formative years nurturing grapes and orchards just off the coast of Lake Erie. His wife, Jessica Mobilia, no stranger to farm life, grew-up on a wheat farm in Western Kansas. Both found themselves in Southern Delaware, and it was fate when a mutual friend introduced the two.
Shortly after the couple wed July 15, 2015, they purchased a 26-acre farm in Frankford, DE and the transition from Fenwick Wine Cellars to Salted Vines Vineyard and Winery began.
On December 31st of 2015, sooner than originally anticipated, they closed the doors to Fenwick Wine Cellars and started the process of building a larger facility on their newly purchased land. While construction on the building was taking place, they were busy planting the first 1600 vines, consisting of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, with the intentions of adding to the vineyard every spring, until complete.
In November of 2016, Salted Vines opened its doors, and they have not looked back since. The new building includes a rustic tasting room, large covered patio, production room, catering kitchen, and outdoor areas.
Adrian and Jessica invite you to stop by and enjoy their wines in a place that is close to their hearts. They look forward to sharing Salted Vines Vineyard and Winery with you.









Chuck Nunan began making wine in his basement in 1995 with rave reviews. In 2010, during a trip to Charleston, South Carolina for his son’s wedding, Chuck visited a winery there and was inspired to take his love of wine and winemaking and turn it into something bigger. He and his wife, Chris, had purchased land in 2005 for a family farm in Marydel, Delaware, which he decided to turn into Harvest Ridge Winery. The name “Harvest Ridge” was the original name of the farm and was retained for the winery. The first vines were planted in 2011 – Chardonnay, Viognier, Malbec, and Merlot. Harvest Ridge winery’s property spans the border of two states – Delaware and Maryland. It is on the historic Mason-Dixon Line. In fact, one of the most unique features of the property is the existence of one of the Mason-Dixon’s original witness stone and crown markers – number 47 – located on the property. For that reason, the number “47” has a prominent place in the Harvest Ridge logo. Harvest Ridge Winery has a 6000 square foot production facility and a 3500+ event and retail space on the grounds along with the vineyard – which allows the Nunans to have control over all aspects of the wine production from planting all the way to bottling and sale of the product. With the elegant event space on-site, the winery hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including private events like weddings and reunions.










In October 2012, during the the wee hours of the morning, Terri Sorantino and Jeffrey Cheskin, found themselves in a small Portland, Maine coffee shop, looking for a wholesome breakfast before working their way up the coast.  They glanced at the specials blackboard and at the bottom, in tiny purple print, were the words  “Lavender Lemonade Mead.”  Curiosity prompted them to ask the waitress what it tasted like and her response was quite intriguing. This particular beverages was the waitress’ favorite and conveniently, it was produced just down the street.  Almost immediately after the small tasting glass was consumed, a passion for a brand new kind of drink was ignited.  An order of two full glasses of the lavender lemonade mead was ordered and dreams to produce these special beverages began.

In mid-2015, Terri and Jeffrey found the perfect location for Liquid Alchemy Beverages in Wilmington, Delaware.   location at 28 Brookside Drive.  The building is currently under “destruction and construction”. If all goes as planned, Liquid Alchemy Beverages will be open for business by Fall, 2015.




Painted Stave Distilling crafts premium spirits in small batches by utilizing only the best ingredients sourced from regional farms, and by blending traditions of the past with today’s creativity and state-of-the-art technology. Housed in a 1940s era movie theater, Painted Stave Distilling operates in the spirit of tradition to patiently fashion noteworthy spirits to be shared and savored with our friends.

Mike and Ron invite you to enjoy our spirits, visit our distillery, and share our passion for products crafted by hand. We have been working hard since 2011 to bring Painted Stave Distilling to life, please join us!

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