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                Frequently Asked Questions:

                I want to bring a group of ten or more to the Delaware Winery Association members. Do I have to call ahead?

                The best way to plan your visit is to contact our members directly.

                Do your members offer group discounts?

                Our members have individual policies regarding group discounts. Please contact our members directly.

                Can I hold a private party at your locations?

                Yes, you can hold private parties at our member locations. Please contact the member for more information.

                I’m staying in the area and I don’t want to drive to the Delaware Wineries Association member locations. Which company do you recommend for travel?

                We recommend C Breeze Shuttle & Limo Service. We’re confident you’ll receive timely and friendly service from C Breeze! See:


                Eat, Sleep, Explore:

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                visitdelawarevintate_atlantic_logo_clear_backgroundDE Beer Wine Spirits

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